Thursday, October 14, 2010

Literal Sayings

So I'm going to continue working with my original idea. I'm going to illustrate popular sayings in the english language in a fun, playful way. It will be geared towards a more mature audience, almost an adult picture book. I'm hoping to create something that will humor my reader and take them back to a childlike state of thinking and imagination. My working title is "Literal Sayings." It's a simple and straight forward title. I may do variations with my illustrations including mostly single page illustrations and a few short comic strips a bit like The Far Side. 
As you can see the use of color is truly amazing. The orientation of the setting and background is set up in a diagonal format instead of the plain and boring traditional horizontal method. Also the illustrations are simple but are loaded with information and stories themselves. The lines are loose and playful and the shading is very simple, he mostly uses pointillism and hatching to create shadows and shading. Every artistic element he uses adds to the overall playful and imaginative quality all his work has.

reflective essay

One of my major influences is the late, great Dr. Seuss. This man is truly a master of is craft. Every element throughout his work is executed beautifully. The first thing that draws me into Seuss is his use of color. The brilliant palette he works with is very playful and fun which really falls in line and adds to the stories he creates. Everything throughout his books from the writing, to the color, to the actual illustrations and line quality work together nicely to generate the same feelings and emotions; fun and playful. I'm also very attracted to the way he sets up his illustrations and settings. He seems to really break the traditional method of using a horizontal orientation in his illustrations which continues to add that crazy, playful feeling that his work has. Another thing that I find amazing is the simplicity of his illustrations yet they are loaded with information and beauty. I think Dr. Seuss is a great person to look at and learn from while I work on my comic. I certainly hope I can come close to achieving the skill of Dr. Seuss.